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About us


The non-profit association Sternwarte Sankt Andreasberg e.V. organizes, supports and finances the observatory. Founded in 2008, the association today has almost 80 members. In July 2013 we rented a building at the International House Sonnenberg and converted it into an observatory: We altered rooms to be used for events, presentations and workshops; in the future we want to provide overnight accommodations.

On the site next to the building we installed five posts with power connection on which amateur astronomers can mount their own telescopes.


Photos: Our dreams for the future: A building with observatory dome; on the back side, a wheelchair ramp

We work in cooperation with our immediate neighbours, the International House Sonnenberg, and develope other cooperations.

The area at the International House Sonnenberg provides ideal visual conditions:

  • Height above sea level: 710 m
  • undiluted sky
  • absolute darkness far off any agglomeration area.


The Sankt Andreasberg Observatory was inaugurated on August 22nd, 2014, during the 5th STATT (Sankt Andreasberger Teleskoptreffen = Sankt Andreasberg Star Party).



The Sankt Andreasberg Observatory Association is a strictly non-profit organisation that pursues the following purpose: to support the installation and establishment of an observatory with the aim to impart basic knowledge of astronomy to the general public, by organizing certain events, like public gatherings to watch the night sky, lectures, guided tours, exhibitions and excursions.



The foundation of the association was initiated by a tourist a few years ago. The amateur astronomer was stunned by the night sky above Sankt Andreasberg and suggested building an observatory to the landlord.

This idea was seized in the context of the “concept for tourism, St. Andreasberg 2020” and attracted interest of the city council and the administration.

On February 29th, 2008, eight dedicated people founded the Sankt Andreasberg Observatory Association (SAOA); five years later, the association has more than 70 members, many of them from other cities in Germany.



You want to become a member or want to support our project? Please send an e-mail to fischer@sternwarte-sankt-andreasberg.de or send us your declaration of enrolment.

We have progressive membership fees:

  • students (school /university) / retirees: 30,00 EUR p.a.
  • single member: 60,00 EUR p.a.
  • families/life partner: 90,00 EUR p.a.
  • corporations/companies: 150 EUR p.a.


When joining in the second half of the year you only need to pay half of the fee for this year.


If you have further questions, please contact us: auskunft@sternwarte-sankt-andreasberg.de.


  • download of the Sankt Andreasberg Observatory Association flyer: (PDF)
  • download of the Sankt Andreasberg Observatory Association charter (PDF)
  • download of the Sankt Andreasberg Observatory Association declaration of enrolment (PDF)
  • download of the latest brochure of the Sankt Andreasberg Observatory Association (PDF)



Current executive committee

chairman: Utz Schmidtko

vice-chairman: Rolf Schölzel

secretary: Bettina Strohmeyer

treasurer: Elfriede Fischer


advisory board:


Thomas Schönfelder

Uwe Kahnert (internet)

Michael Koch (technology)