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Sankt Andreasberg instead of Namibia


The starlit sky above Namibia is considered the Mecca for well-off amateur astronomers. However, Sankt Andreasberg also provides perfect visual conditions on many days of the year, for amateur astronomers and everybody who wants to take a peek at the universe.

You can observe galaxies, planets, comets, the moon and the sun – with the naked eye, with binoculars or sophisticated telescopes and cameras.



We advance the development of the astrotourism in the Upper Harz by


  • creating opportunities  to observe the night sky on our grounds – throughout the whole year
  • cooperating with schools and the International House Sonnenberg
  • organising the star party STATT (Sankt Andreasberg Star Party) with attendees from across Germany
  • giving lectures and offering the opportunity to observe the sky to tourists
  • organising “astronomy days” in Germany, open nights, work groups, astro-evenings, excursions and exhibitions…



informatory talks on the open day of astronomy 2012



tourists get the chance to observe the sun