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Our ccoperation partners:

International House Sonnenberg

The IHS being the immediate neighbor, a cooperation stands to reason.

The SAO supported the event “The loss of the sky – light pollution, or: rediscovering the starlit sky” (Dec, 3rd-5th, 2014), planned by the IHS.


Braunlage High school

School festival  of the Braunlage High school, July 25th, 2014

Our observatory had a booth at the school festival, to provide parents, students and guests with information about the cooperation partner SAO. The students were excited about the opportunity to take a look through the 12” Dobson of co-chairman Reinhard Görke.

Members of the SAOA informed the guests of the festival about their mail project, the building of the observatory in the neighbouring community Sankt Andreasberg.

Furthermore, they were able to talk about expanding the cooperation with the headmaster, Mr. Dampmann. In the next term, Reinhard Görke will, once a week, supervise a project group “Astronomy” for high school students in Braunlage.

In addition, there are plans for a presentation and demonstration of 3D-printing of minor planets, for the older students.

Presentation at Braunlage High school: The Voyage of the space probe Cassini-Huygens to Saturn (March 26th, 2014)

In this presentation, Reinhard Görke (co-chairman of the SAOA, graduate engineer) gave an overview of our planetary system and told about the start and the voyage of the space probe Cassini-Huygens and its arrival in the orbit of Saturn. Also he presented the landing of the ESA probe Huygens on Titan, a moon of Saturn.

Presentation at Braunlage High school: Our solar system (Reinhard Görke, Dec. 16th, 2013)

Aim: to convey more profound information on the topic “Our planetary system” in the curriculum subject Geography.

Presentation at Braunlage High school, for 5th and 6th grade students: The sun – a star right on our doorstep