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There are 5 posts to mount your own telescope on.

We finally finished the work on the posts on the grounds of the observatory. Now we can offer amateur astronomers perfect conditions to watch the skies and provide the required technological conditions.

We offer adapters for different mounting systems.

You can mount your telescope onto a post for more than one night. Ideally suited for astrophotography: you can even guide your telescope from out of our observatory.

Please contact Michael Koch or Utz Schmidtko.

And this is how it looks like:

Our association plans to acquire a computer-operated observatory mount (Type Knopf MK70S) with a 16” f/8 hypergraph. This reflecting telescope has a main reflector with a diameter of  400 mm, and can be used visually and for photography.

The overall weight is 200kg. At the moment we plan to install this telescope in the attic floor of the observatory.

In addition we have a 900 f/14 refracting telescope (Lichtenknecker) on a Orion 60 mount with electronic tracking.

In our lecture room there is a (powerful) Full-HD-Beamer for projecting the planetarium software, presentations, movies and live images from our telescope onto a big screen.

We also may project them onto a planetarium projection dome with a diameter of 6m.

Plans for the grounds of the Sankt Andreasberg Observatory: Telescope posts with guiding and image transmission into the lecture room; big Dobson (1,20m):

On our grounds we set up 5 posts. With the right adapters you can install all common mounts. On request, we provide you with adapters, customize them for you, or you can make them yourself: The upper edge of the post (technical drawing as PDF), is accurately horizontally aligned and has three bolt circles with M10 thread holes at a distance of 120° with diameters of 126mm, 176mm and 225mm.

One hole faces south. Each post has a connection for 230V and 13.8V (20A max for all posts together).

The switches for the power supply are in the building.