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Experience nature, culture and science, accessible for everybody


In the small mountain town Sankt Andreasberg in the Upper Harz, we have built the highest situated astronomical observatory of Northern Germany. Its location in the Harz National Park is one of the darkest regions in Germany, according to the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. On many days a year the Milky Way or even the Andromeda Galaxy are easily visible to the unaided eye.

We are planning to build – in various stages, and in immediate vicinity to the International House Sonnenberg – the first observatory in Germany that is accessible for all people with disabilities.

It is our goal to make the night sky accessible to everybody, people of all age groups, with or without disabilities, and to provide them with knowledge and an understanding of the night sky.

Utz Schmidtko
Chairman Observatory St. Andreasberg e.V. (Germany)


USO_4013-2 (Groß)



22. August 2014 – Birth of the highest situated observatory in Northern Germany.

The St. Andreasberg Observatory – the first observatory in Germany accessible for people with disabilities – achieved the first aims and commences operations!

Latest news:

The St. Andreasberg Observatory Association wins the second prize in this year’s educational award of the Allianz für die Region GmbH, in the category “Adolescents”

Prämierung Regionaler Bildungspreis 2014

Foto: Susanne Hübner / Allianz für die Region GmbH